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Modul-H2O - Treatment of phytosanitary residual water with the MODULEAU PRO EF by means of UV-light and oxidation

The Fyt-o-Cleaner is an innovative technology for the treatment of residual water from the spraying machine. Residual water refers to the remaining water after the rinsing and cleaning of the sprayer machine. The system offers potential for the treatment of residual water from spraying machines in the Flemish agriculture and horticulture, but has not been tested in Flanders so far. Within the Modul-H2O project, the Fyt-o-Cleaner will be tested on residual water from three Flemish companies (“Family Frites”, “loonsproeibedrijf Corneel Decorte” and “landbouwbedrijf Ignace Vercruysse”). VITO and INAGRO, both being knowledge institutions, will do the follow up of the Modul-H2O projects. The Fyt-O-Cleaner consists of an oxidation, photolysis and photocatalysis module. UV and oxidants reinforce each other during the treatment process by which phytosanitary products are degraded. Within this project, it will be evaluated whether this technology is suitable for the breakdown of plant products in the residual water with the ultimate goal to safely use this water again for the production of a new spray solution.

Project partners:   

“Eco Cleaning Systems (ECS)”   

“Family Frites”


 “Belchim Crop Protection”

“Sproeibedrijf Corneel Decorte”

“Farm Ignace Vercruyssen”

Knowledge Partners:

“Inagro” and “VITO”

Published articles: Modul-H2O-project zuivert restwater spuittoestellen, Aquarama, jan-feb-maa 2014

More info: Veerle Depuydt

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