Nu het Europees Parlement de verordening die veilig hergebruik van stedelijk afvalwater voor irrigatiedoeleinden mogelijk maakt, heeft goedgekeurd...

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Fevia, de federatie van de Belgische voedingsindustrie, pleitte onlangs nog voor een administratieve vereenvoudiging van de grondstofverklaring. Deze...

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Door eutrofiëring en klimaatverandering is er een wereldwijde toename van de bloei van cyanobacteriën (blauwalgen) in stilstaande tot traag stromende...

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OPTIMEM - Optimization of Membrane Performance

Since 2002, the Intermunicipal Water Company of “Veurne-Ambacht” (IWVA) integrates the use of effluent from a municipal sewage treatment plant in its drinking water production. After membrane treatment - ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) - the water is infiltrated in the dunes of the water abstraction site St. Andre in Koksijde and pumped up again after at least 30 days, on average 55 days. After aeration and sand filtration, the water meets the quality of drinking water. The objective of this project is to test of a chemical product which is produced and distributed by the Flemish company AgroLogic. The product is pure stabilized chlorine dioxide Diox Forte which is a "greener" alternative for the currently used monochloramine. The latter is being used for the prevention of biofouling (= biological pollution) on the membranes which is a common problem. The project will also test innovative products from the company Aquatreat. By using these innovative products, less chemistry (and therefore less raw materials and energy) is envisaged with at least the same results at economically acceptable costs.

Project partners:

  • IWVA
  • Aquatreat
  • Agrologic

Knowledge partners: UGent en VITO

Published article

More information: Veerle Depuydt

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