Conceptual development of innovative membrane configurations with maximum energy efficiency and water reuse capacity

The goal of this project is the conceptual development of two new process configurations that optimize the energy consumption of water treatment processes and maximize the reuse of water. The slopes which are examined concern both the pretreatment of the wastewater to increase the applicability of anaerobic wastewater treatment, and also the integration of membranes to obtain a compact water treatment unit.

Vlakwa helps to take care for the dissemination of this project.

Conducted in Flanders by:

  • Pantarein
• Pentair X-Flow
  • Aqua Ecologic

  • Avecom

  • Nanobranes

  • Boortmalt

  • De "Proef" brouwerij

  • KU Leuven

Duration: 01/10/2014 - 30/09/2016

More info: Piet De Langhe

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