Artificial recharge of treated wastewater effluent into groundwater lenses to enable sustainable groundwater management for water reuse

This project aims for a sustainable groundwater management in Qatar by the artificial recharge of groundwater lenses with treated wastewater effluent. This project consists of a hydrogeological study of the Qatari soil and also an advanced purification (UF and RO) of municipal wastewater. The project in Qatar is an extrapolation of the water cycle applied at IWVA for the production of drinking water. As such, Flemish knowledge and expertise is valued abroad.

In association with:

• Intermunicipal Water Company of ‘Veurne Ambacht’ (IWVA)

• Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute

• Qatar University

• Ghent University Duration: 01/11/2012 – 12/12/2013

More information: Charlotte Boeckaert

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