Tetra project Fybar

Advanced physicochemical treatment of biologically stabilized waste water from waste treatment and recycling companies

This project aims to optimize the purification of sludge filtrate and leachate (typically recalcitrant organic compounds). During the laboratory phase, various water purification (including coagulation-flocculation, ozonation, nano-filtration, adsorption) are tested and selected based on removal efficiency, cost, labor intensity and ability to recycle the treated water. Subsequently, pilot tests will be carried out with the best performing techniques. The goal is to achieve an economically and ecologically efficient purification wherein the operating costs are reduced by 20 to 40%.

Vlakwa is following this project as an observer in the user committee and will let its pilots as part of the pilot test.

Conducted in Flanders by:

  • Ghent University - Campus Kortrijk

Duration: 01/11/2014 - 31/10/2016

More info: Stijn Van Hulle

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