Maanden voorbereiding gingen eraan vooraf, maar op 2 maart 2020 is het Pavitra Ganga-project officieel gelanceerd op het IIT Delhi. Deze lancering...

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De Europese Commissie heeft op 11 maart haar actieplan voor een circulaire economie gepubliceerd. Dit plan vormt een onderdeel van de EU Green Deal,...

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Minister van Omgeving Zuhal Demir heeft eind 2019 het startschot gegeven aan maar liefst 53 circulaire projecten. Daarvoor heeft de Vlaamse Regering...

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What is Vlakwa?


The Flanders Knowledge Center Water (Vlakwa) wants to provide demand-driven solutions for the Flemish water problems and in this way meet future needs. The recovery effects for Flanders, such as the preservation of employment at activities that are threatened by water problems and the establishment of new businesses, play a central role.

Given the large strategic, industrial and social importance of water in Flanders and to counteract fragmentation in the management of water resources entrepreneurs, researchers and government work together in the Flanders Knowledge Center Water. The efforts made in the past and the water solutions reached by all parties involved have proved an absolute added value for Vlakwa.


Vlakwa supports the acquisition and management of knowledge, promotes collaboration between all actors and stimulates the exchange of experience and knowledge. In addition, Vlakwa collects and channels the needs of problem owners, answers their questions or brings them in contact with solution and product providers. It aims to help realise a higher efficiency in the target groups and/or to assist the international valorisation of the knowledge acquired and results obtained in Flanders.

Flanders Knowledge Center Water is an independent division within VITO, a leading European independent research and technology organisation in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development, elaborating solutions for the large societal challenges of today.


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